Setting a location on Google maps which includes a radius

In my app I would like to be able to have the users centre their location over somewhere on Google maps, then click “Done”, and that will then become the location of everything else which happens throughout the session, after this I would like there to be a way where the user can also set a perimeter/boundary or radius though a polygon or some sort.

Here Is what I have in mind, It does not have to be as complex or the same as what I have here, I just have this screenshot here to give you an idea of what I am thinking. *not to scale.


Many Thanks, Levi

Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated. :slight_smile:

Using a backend like xano or backendless would make this easy.

Do you want to draw a circle on the map and place items inside that circle?

Kinda but kinda not, I would Like the circle to be used as a guide to setting up the location for where users are going to play my game, The circle is the “perimeter” as such so that the game sets the map’s location where the circle is.

I can send you screenshots if that does not make sense.

Many Thanks, Levi

I can send you more info if that does not make sense.

So to simplify:

See the dot in the middle, When you move around on google maps to a different location the dot stays in the same spot in the centre of the screen, once the user is happy with the location the dot is over when the user clicks the "set location: button, it will centre the user from that spot for the duration of the session.

Sorry, I know this sounds really complicated, and sounds unnecessary, Many Thanks Levi

Any help would be greatly apricieated. :slight_smile:

Whys is no one responding to this? :frowning:

You could even do it without the dot the dot is just to align the user, could you show me how to do it without the dot if that’s easier, and just make it the entire screen, whatever is easier? Many Thanks, Levi.