Set blocks still not working with nested objects in stored variable?

Hi Thunkers,

I am using Firebase Realtime Cloud database and locally stored variable to hold synced data. Both variables are lists and both have nested object fields and are essentially mirrored.

I am able to set new data into the stored variable and use it in functions or refresh my screen while updating the cloud data path in the background simultaneously.

The problem I am having is with the stored variable. I am able to ‘set’ it with new data and accomplish everything beautifully but as soon as I close the app and reopen it, the stored variable reverts to its previous data. It’s almost like this variable is holding two sets of data and retaining the old upon closing the app.

I have worked around this by setting my stored variable to its mirror in the cloud every time my app starts, but this is effectively the same as using an app variable instead of a stored one and is inefficient and needlessly data hungry.

I have read that there have been issues with the ‘set’ block and nested objects while using stored variables but had hoped these had been resolved.

Given my issues, does anyone have a solution for syncing cloud and stored list variables with nesting fields? I don’t have a lot of experience with json.

Also, I tried using the “when variable initializes or changes” block but it seems to only update when initializing and not upon change.

I hope my explanation is adequate enough for those that have had similar experiences to be able to offer some insight.


Thanks for the detailed description. We’ll look into fixing the stored variables and the “when variable initializes or changes” event.

is this issue solved yet.

i am also not able to update the values in cloud variable.

its a nested object in the list

This topic is quite old and is about an issue with stored variables.

If you’re having a problem with Firebase data, please create a new topic and provide as much detail as you can including screenshots of your blocks.

Thanks for your reply @tatiang

here is the thread, if you can help to update a nested cloud variable property in the list. Please help