Serch bar text input problem

I do the search bar for serching the text to navigate to specified page. For example i enter the txt input = 123 then to navigate to 123 page, now i have a question. Can i enter more then one text options in the program code to help me to navigate to page?

For example: i enter the text number CEN / cen two text, it can navigate me to Central page. I attach the code to show you now my search bar code for your reference, thank you

You can use a list viewer with the names of the screens and then when the user clicks on an item in the list viewer, you can navigate to that item’s value.

I mean is i can enter more then one option text in the text input block? please look my attach photo the place circled in the picture

I’m not sure I understand. But if you want to check if the Text Input’s value is equal to several other values, yes, you can do that with the OR block in the Logic drawer: Logic - Thunkable Docs

If that doesn’t answer your question, please provide an example of the types of values you are wanting to check.

If i use the And/Or block, i can’t put the text block in the And/Or block

i mean I use the block to enter matching text to search, if i enter tally text will navigate to specify page

hi,can i use this block to make text with a given delimiter for my search bar text?

You have to use the equals (=) block from the Logic drawer. See this: Logic - Thunkable Docs

So you would check if Text Input’s Text = “CEN” [or] Text Input’s Text = “PAC”

But if you are navigating to other screens, you probably don’t want to use the [or] block. Instead, you can use an [If/Else] block or just stack multiple [If] blocks. Click the gear symbol in the [If] block to add [Else].

It’s hard to know without a specific example from you.

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