Sending email from the mobile app to your outlook email

Hi there, is there any way to send email to outlook from the mobile app?

Can you explain further?
What do you mean to outlook? Do you mean you can send to other emails but not outlook email?

Hi Muneer,

Is it possible that if I click the “send” button, all the details I input will be sent directly to my outlook email.


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But you’ll need to consider the following:

If you are using a third party email like Twilio or similar then you have to format the message the way this third party email engine requires to send to your email.

If you are using only the native email of your phone then you will have the disadvantage of allowing every email before it is sent.

For example in the open link component you will use
mail to:// followed by the required parameters for this type of command.

You can also use Google forms to send the email among other options.


Hi, I notice in one of your other posts you are using Airtable. Configure the form to send the info to airtable, then in airtable in Automations you can tell airtable to send you an email everytime a record is created. I have it working in one of my apps, works great.


Hi Martnt,

Seems like a good option for me to enable sending email. Thanks for the support!

Hi Muneer,

Thanks for the info!

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