Send messages using the LINE Notify API. What to do in Thunkable X

How to place a block? If wanting to send messages using the API via the LINE Notification service, which I originally did in Thunkable Classic

Hi @CHON3D,this looks like a Classic screenshot, bit you’ve posted in #thunkable-cross?

Hi @domhnallohanlon
That I attached the picture to In order to see what I previously did on Thunkable Classic, I put blocks like this But want to know how to use Thunkable X web API?

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You can see examples of work with Web API screens scrSystemInfo and scrWebApi.


@CHON3D we also have an entire playlist of videos about working with APIs on our Youtube channel:

There are currently 15 videos in total, including those made by our own team as well as videos by @Darren and @RobertKubin - hope it helps!


Thank You @actech

Thank You @domhnallohanlon

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