Send json via WebAPI PUT

Dear Thunkables,

I’m pretty new to this forum and tried to find an answer to the following problem, but did not find any. So if this was discussed in another post, please let me know.

I successfully managed to build a WebAPI connection to the Online Database In fact I can access a table via GET, a record within this table and read the single fields of the record to display them in my Thunkable app.

My problem is to write back (=update) data in this record. The QuintaDB doc tells me to send a json like this:

{“rest_api_key”:“API_KEY”, “values” => {“aNW4nkW5bdUjldO8oKuSku” : 3, “aMW4HKWR9bnOoGWQbpWQS4” : “b”, “cMW6pcTSjbWOFdTCkBtmkN” : “c”}}

As I cannot send a body using PUT, the only way is to transport the values via the URL. So I build a block as seen here:

(I have to adress the field not via its name but via ‘bCBSov…’)
This does not work right. The ‘?values=’ seems ok because the record is updated. But in the field ‘bCBSov…’ is not ‘Erwin’ as I would like to have but ‘bCBSov…’ as well?! So the name of the field is also written in(!) the field value. I have also tried:

?“values”=>{“bCBSovW6LdNOkaW7iTiCof” : “Erwin”}
?values=>{“bCBSovW6LdNOkaW7iTiCof” : “Erwin”}
?values={“bCBSovW6LdNOkaW7iTiCof” : “Erwin”}

The result is always the same.
I guess I have to find the correct syntax to transmit this json structure. Or is there another way to deal with the ‘generate json from object’? Each suggestion is welcome …

Hi @RobertKubin, thanks for your question! :+1:

I’m not familiar with the QuintaDB platform, but what you have there looks pretty interesting.

Oner thing that caught my eye was the empty socket at the end of your join block, I’m not sure if that’s the cause but it’s probably worth taking it out, just in case.

The other thing I’d ask is that you post a link to the QuintaDB docs where the specify how to upload data via JSON like this so that other members of the community will be able to help you out.


Hi Domhall,

Thank you very much for your immediate Reply.

I took the empty socket out with no different effect.

And here is the link to the QuintaDB doc, jumping right to the Update Record section …

Thanx for you help …


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Dear all,

PROBLEM SOLVED! I contacted QuintaDB as well and they found a bug in the API json call.
So if you’re interested, I can provide my successfull connection to QuintaDB so far, that could be of interest for anybody who tries to connect to a Online Database with Web API. Let me know …



Be great if you could share! :smiley:

Hi Robert

I am interested in your experience in CRUD data with Quinta DB.
Whatever you can share with us, that will let me sample an app using your WebAPI approach, it would be of great help.


Hi, I am trying to connect QuintaDB with thinkable by following your video. I am stuck at one point. In the video, you do the Fetch All Records rest API call. I have bene trying to do it except nothing comes up when I perform it. “” - This is the URL I was trying and it is all in correct format, except when I enter it, this is what comes up: “[]”. Please help.

I don’t think you’ll get a respone from a 2 yesr old post. I would recommend creating a new post, explaining your issue. And what you have tried

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@shauryamantrala71khd I agree with @zander but also, we can’t access the API url without an API key.

Can you post the entire JSON response as text here (or preferably in a new topic)? That is, if you access the url from a browser (not from within Thunkable), what do you get?

Make sure to highlight the pasted text in your post and apply the “Preformatted Text” option in the toolbar (the button looks like </>).