Scrolling A table view (Child) inside the Page (Parent) With Thunkable Web Viewer Mode

We are using web viewer with Thunkable. Our website is a single page google site with a table view(got 10 records) and a few links as images to other pages.
We are facing issue, while scrolling the records inside table view. The page is scroll-able. But the table view inside the page is struck and not able to scroll.
We even downloaded the ios file and tested as an app. Still not able to scroll
Attached is the screenshot of how we are expecting the results to appear and how its working currently. Please find attached videos.

Thiis is actual result in thunkable
Actual Result
Expected Result

Hi @praveenkumar07,

Thanks for sharing those videos - it made it really easy to understand what you are trying to do.

@farzam-parto has a really helpful example of nesting layouts to achieve a similar result here:

Take a look and see if you can then apply this to your own app!