Screens look different in responsive web app


when i publish my app as “Responsive web app”
it does not look like how it looks on mobile “Same App”

In mobile it will look normal, text will be in the middle “Center” and Column will the screen
but in the web app, text will be on the left and column will not fill the screen

how to make it look like how it looks on the mobile

Hi @abedo,

Are you comparing this to native mobile or are you viewing the same rwa link on mobile?

Yes i am comparing between native mobile and responsive web app
“i downloaded the app on my android device”
on mobile looks very fine, but on web app looks totally bad

Mobile view

Web app view

Web apps are in no way an accurate representation of the native mobile app. It is possible to build your app to look the same on web and mobile but you will be spending a lot of time trying to get this right.

Containers set to fill container for example don’t work very well. Try use percentages, and get all surrounding containers percentages to add up to 100%. This will make the sizing and positioning of everything almost identical.

There are a lot of things you can do to try and fix this, just there are too many to list.


Thank you very much, this suggestion helped me too much