Screens are "squished"

I just logged in. It’s been a day or two. I see the layout is a bit different – likely an improvement. However, my screens are all “squished” – they’re too narrow. I can’t see everything I could see prior to this update. Please fix or advise how I should handle this!!!

I join this wish. Before changing IDE, the information on the screens was better suited to what was displayed on the phone.

I’m still seeing this problem and while it’s not holding me up right now, it makes working in the environment a bit annoying. Will this be fixed or do I need to use a particular browser? I’m currently seeing the problem both in Safari and Firefox on a Mac (10.13.4). Thanks!

Will this issue ever be fixed? I’m still seeing it. When I layout a screen, I have to “assume” things are OK on the right side of the screen.