Screen width and height are incorrect?

Hi fellow thunkers!

I was trying to centre on screen a box (a group) and utilised half the screen width and height minus half the group’s dimensions. (1/2 * screen width) - (1/2 * group width) etc.

However, this puts the box not in the centre but too far right and down, i.e X and Y are too large.

I’ve run a little app to show me the screen width and it calculates this as 411, with the height as 825. (It’s an OPPO Find 2).

But when I gradually move the box to the true edge of the screen (to find the X and Y values) it’s reported as a width of 373 (a difference of over 38px). Similarly for the height, being over reported too.

Anyone know why Thunkable components for screen height and width are over reporting the true value?

Many thanks in advance.

Maybe glitch try reopening

It never happened with me…

Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately it still occurs.
Even made a new app just to check it.

if it is so then try do perform same thing but with another feature dont use that…

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