Screen get width?

Hi Thunkers,

what happened to the get width,computed width, height, computed height of the selected screen?

Have these blocks been removed from the interface?

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Noticed the same issue. Broke down my app’s layout. :confused:

I used it for getting the width of a column within my screen, and based on this number, to scale images (their height) within the column to the right size. For some reason, the usual get width of a column didn’t work, but get computed width worked. I wonder if this should be reported as a bug.

Broke mine as well. I was also using it in several places to dynamically create sizing of clones. interestingly, one of the broken blocks changed to get color in its place.

Anyway, I managed a workaround (and maybe a better) method by replacing these blocks to device; get screen width/height instead.

my question was a little more about the entire model where things can change at any time without a chance to fix first and break apps in the name of interface improvements or delevlopment. Certainly that would be major cause for concern in any commercial application.

I am actually hoping is IS a bug because otherwise I really need to think the whole ‘middle man’ concept.

You should look at “Device”