Screen layout does not match preview

When I test my app on the web I get what I designed but when I test on the phone emulator I get all messed up. I do not know whats happening

Hi @rodama - that looks a little unusual alright. Are you using the latest version of Thunkable Live?

Can you share a screenshot of your component tree too so we can get a better sense of the components your are using.


You mean that?

The real thing is I want to make an app to teach my kids to learn math an i tried using the beta version so when i downloaded a demo all the components were all messed up on the screen so I am trying to make the app with the classic version but I am experiecing trouble designing the menus because it is not as easy as the beta version.

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well i suggest u to see your phone aside while designing the app in thunkble…
and which mode of sizing re you using?

Do you have rows or columns that are invisible and also scrollable in this screen?