Screen cut while focusing on a text input

Hello everybody,

Google AdMob just sent me this error and asked me to fix it as the ad is not showed properly and it’s interfering with the navigation:

What is happening is that when the keyboard rises, it brings all the rows/columns up, squeezing them in the screen and cutting some of them (as you can see on the top and at the bottom)

As it’s not the first time that i’m having troubles with this, is there any viable solution that i have not thought of?

Any ideas would be very much appreciated,
Thank you for your time

The ad problem, I can’t describe.

But for the keyboard, I already have been dealing with this problem. I also noticed that on Android, when a keyboard pops up, all the assets and components move up and are squished with each other. This is a big problem for me with my apps, since I have to lay out the assets and components in a certain place, so it is not squished together.

Apple, the keyboard is placed on top of the app, while android keyboard pushes the app up.

Unfortunately not in my case at this time,

the screenshot i received is from an apple device, so it’s squeezed here too.

Good that i’m not the only one, i thought i was missing an easy solution

Funny story,

to solve this problem i’m trying to get rid of the raw where the Ad banner is. So i’m trying to hide it once the user clicks a button, to try with.

This is what i got (banner on the bottom):

Instead of disappearing, the row moved upstairs.

I don’t know if it’s related.

Well the row clearly did not want to disappear…

At the end i had to remove the ad, it was the quicker solution, so eventually it left us.

Hopefully there is a solution though

@matt_conroy :arrow_up:

Hello, just a quick follow up.

Is there any viable solution for this matter? Or am I missing something?

No idea… I’m not sure if Matt saw this…

Hello @maurizio.polverini89
To avoid the admob component being squeezed, I would suggest you place the banner always at the top of your screen

Hi @ioannis ,

thank you for your time replying.

Beside the AdMob component that can be placed somewhere else, is it normal that when i click on a Text Input, the whole screen shrink?

Or am I missing something setting-wise?

Hello @maurizio.polverini89
It shrinks because it doesn’t have enough space
Have you tried to set the screen to scrollable?