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So I made an app about quiz and I need help about how to save User answer using spreadsheet. So here’s the situation, whenever User choose one answer between four another answer, I want the answer that the User choose will automatically save into a spreadsheets. One more thing, the answer that I made is using a button.

You can read the documentation about Data Sources or watch tutorial videos (Google them) to get started. If you have problems getting it to work, post a screenshot of the blocks you’ve tried.

Screenshot 2022-12-31 014526

this is the new one

That should work but you need to add a row id. If your spreadsheet already has rows of data and you want to change the existing data, use an integer value for the row id (for example, 3 = the third row). If not, use a Create Row block instead of an Update Value block.

I got it now !! Thank you for your guide. Btw HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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