Sample function calls

Check out this app with simple, sample calls to functions in the drag+drop interface, including text to speech, translate, camera, and image recognition.

Can you say more about this? I was expecting to see custom functions but it looks like you’re just using the built-in translation blocks, etc. Is there a tutorial or other information you’re planning to provide along with this?

Hi. No tutorial, just providing quick samples of many of the function calls. I’m working on drag+drop interface version of Thunkable book, which uses the classic interface: Drag and Drop Code: Create iPhone and Android Apps with Thunkable eBook : Wolber, David, Cai, Rafiki: Kindle Store

Okay. I think it would be more useful to title this topic and/or include in the first post a short description of each function call. Functions are such generic terms and you’re providing some interesting examples of how to use them but no one would know that without opening the project.


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