Round robin load balancing function

Hi Guys,

Need some opinion about design i created.

my design is forward data to next screen which is worked as expected. The data displayed in labels. But my plan to have multiple officer/admin so it will display a few data in a few label.
I know we can use if else statement but i am not getting on it or round robin function when admin press display button it will take random labels.

if i can share my design in block and screen shoot. Appreciated any opinion on it.



Hi @ozel1978,

I’m not sure what the app call variable is supposed to be doing, also what to the 1. and 2. lables on your first picture mean?

Also, I don’t see anywhere where you are attempting to implement a round-robin - how do you want to use this in your app?

Hi Domhnall,

My apps is about que system. but it only work for one admin only. so whenever admin call info of customer it will display in label 1. I was thinking if we have 2 admin it should have 2 label. so admin 2 also when it call customer info it need to be display in label 2 or info in label 1 move to label 2.

that why i was thinking about round robin or looping. Hope you clear about my requirement.

I’m still not sure what you mean by “round robin” this sounds more like a simple CRM system to me?

forget about term round robin. maybe i am from network background so i am using it from what i understand. But my requirement the info need to be display in label 1 or label 2 at same time. any idea how should i am doing it?

ahhhh…round robin load balancing - now I know what you mean.

I want to make something like this anyway - give me a few minutes.



Perhaps I could suggest a solution, but I do not understand the algorithm you need to get.

I understand correctly what you want to do?

The database has a list of phone numbers (suppose of 3 pieces). On the administrators window there is a Call button and LabelN (N - nomber of administrators). When the first administrator logs in, he presses the Call button and a call to number1 occurs, which is displayed in Label1. After completion call, the first administrator presses the Call button and a call is made to the number2, which is displayed in Label1. At this time, the second administrator enters the system hi see Label1 = number2 and Label2=“no call” with are displayed on its screen. The second administrator presses the Call button and Label2= number3.

That is, the first and second administrator on his screen sees Label1 = nomber2, Label2 = nomber3. The first administrator ends the call and leaves for lunch Label1 = “no call”, the second administrator ends the call and presses the Call button. After that, he sees on the screen Label1 = “no call” and Label2 = number1

Something like this?



if you can make the project public or share block each of page.

It look like what i want but let me have a look first.

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that the structure. seem you can read my mind.

Hi buddy, did you get any way out yet? Sorry for bumping but trying out similar so asked here without creating a new thread.

Sloth Smith

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hi smith,

i still waiting Domhall to provide block so i can try myself.

Hey @ozel1978 and @sedersmith2sbk

My bad, I thought all the blocks were in the video:

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almost exactly what i am doing. Just need you advice what component i have to use.
my problem only just small and i dont want to re do my block. Here it is my design.

admin need to choose which users need to be display. for example here admin choose users with number 8574.
when admin press button “call” it will display to screen2 at label 1.
what i want to do when admin call other users it will display to label 1 and existing info at label 1 will move to label 2.

i hope you understand what is my plan here and appreciated it much.