Rotate a picture to use as a background

This seems like a trivial issue but I cannot find a solution. We are importing a picture taken with a phone to be the background in an app. The picture is coming in in landscape mode when we want portrait. I can find no property that allows the setting of the picture orientation. We need to be able to orient a number of pictures. Is there a solution?

So I did some testing. In the Thunkable builder the image is 90 degrees off. I did the Live Test and the image was correct but I have had weird results with the Live Test before. I downloaded the app to my phone and installed it. The picture is correct. So if I ignore the orientation of the picture while building the app I am good. Interesting issue. WYSIWYG is not true.

Are you using a Samsung phone by any chance @gflint?

Yes. I was reading some posts about fun with Samsung phones. I am not sure what phone the pictures were taken on, one of my students was taking the pictures.

Is the problem that the picture taken within a Thunkable app is wrong orientation or do you want to place an external image that has already been taken in Thunkable? For the second case just search Google for “rotate image online” or “bulk rotate image online” and you’ll find helpful online tools :slight_smile:

For example this one:

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The picture is taken with another phone then imported into an app we are building. Everything is good so long as I ignore the orientation in the Thunkable app builder.