REWARDS APP! You can use it too! Soon!
Hey guys! I am a beginner and I made this app that I think is Awesome. But I also want some reviews from you guys so before adding it to the play store I can make some changes.
App name: Rewards
What does it do?: It helps you to get rewards or gifts f you choice in a perfect manner that will please you and your parents (if). Why don’t you check the app out/

Hey @tvishayogishatv0cw, this is a great idea. I was thinking of making something like this for our daughter.

here’s our idea.

We set the tasks on our app. the ‘parent version’

then it shows up on her app. the ‘kid version’

when she finishes and wants point, she takes a picture and it alerts us as task done to check the photo and then to award the points