Reward User with money

Based on your experience,
Is it possible to reward users with money?

I dont mean automatically with Thunkable, but for example sending manually a Paypal everytime some users reach 50€ in actions.

I’ll explain myself better:
If an user makes an action, the app rewards him with 1€ (or 1 coin/token, whatever)

Once reached 50, the user can ask for the payment to be sent.

Will Apple Store and Play Store allow such a similar feature?
I tried the Apple docs and the apple developer forum for an answer, but i couldn’t find anything really useful

I would say it depends on what the action(s) are that earns them credit. I know there are plenty of apps that reward you with points that can be turned into gift cards but I don’t know of any that will send you “cash”. There are probably anti-money laundering laws in a lot of places to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Beyond the legal side of things one has to ask, if you’re giving out a monetary reward, what are YOU getting out of users using your app?

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The money reward would be the 10% of what i’ll be earning.

The app allows people to buy something, but i want other people to be involved and push my app’s sales as they will earn a commission.

I would strongly recommend you reach out to a lawyer and get actual legal advice. What you’re describing sounds like it could have a lot of unintended consequences. When you make an app that generates revenue it becomes a business so it is your obligation to know and understand all the rules that would govern and impact that business. Making apps is fun and can generate revenue but it can also QUICKLY get you into far more trouble than its worth if youre not careful.

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