Is it possible to build marketplace Apps where users can accept payment and App can take percentage of payment?

Curious if it is possible to build marketplace type apps where users who sign up can accept payment and the app can take a percentage of the payment. I know that Stripe is available as a connection so I was thinking that it is indeed possible, but wanted to get thoughts from the community.

No thoughts?

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Joining the question.

Has anyone had any luck on this? I was about to post a similar question and ran across this thread. I’m trying to find out how to let users pay each other as well.

I was reading through Stripe’s website and I found a little discussion about how their platform allows for a Many to Many connection through Stripe. Meaning many users to many vendors. In my case, I guess it would require users signing up to be a vendor with Stripe as well as a regular user. Then via Thunkable I could use an api call to get each user’s vendor ID/ email and create a UI that allows users to transfer payments between each other. :thinking:

I still have some thinking and thunking to do on the subject. Here is the link to what I read on Stripe:

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I had a quick read trough too, I think that the user just pays with whatever he wants to pay and stripe just is the middle man.

Unfortunately it looks like it take up to 4% commision for the service which is way too much, but I still have to read it throughly

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