Return a value from a specific Google Sheet cell

Hi @muneer, I figured it out. See below:

I found a “Refresh Data” function block in the "Any Component section on the blocks page.

Many thanks once again for your invaluable assistance!


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There is a refresh block in the drawer of the Data Viewer List block. You can use it just after the update block. No need to use the Any Component option.

Ok thanks @muneer!

I have just found another little problem wish I am currently trying to resolve. Although the search/ result function is resolved. I had noticed that everytime the "HexScreen" loads using the “Live Test”. I am always presented with the result of the last search before the Hexscreen was closed. (see below)


I am now trying to find a way fix this. I have trying to use the “Set HexDVL visible to false” in the “when the screen opens” block. Which does sort of work but I am now looking at maybe trying things another way because when I re-open the HexScreen the HexDVL is now longer visible but the previous search still populates the "HexText_Input box.

My Blocks

What I am now looking for is a way to set an “Enter” button which when clicked during a Search returns the Country from the GSheet’s “value” column. That part I have achieved. (image below)

HexCorrectSearch-Screenshot 2022-03-11 14.19.02

Once the result has displayed in the HexDVL, I wish for the text of the “Enter” to change to “Clear”. (See images below):


HexClearBtn-Screenshot 2022-03-11 14.25.24

When the “Clear” button is clicked, it will delete the Searched for hexcode from cell A2 in the Source GSheet. This in turn will return a blank result in the HexDVL. Which means that HexScreen will always be empty (see below). When the user opens the HexScreen.

Also, is there a way to set up the Back Button (HexBackBtn) to also delete the delete the Searched for hexcode from cell A2 in the Source GSheet when it clicked?

This is in case the user does not use the Clear button after using the screen.

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You could just make the row in the DVL hide when the Search Input Text is cleared. This will save you a lot of efforts.

One thing
This does not work and you can safely delete it.

This code will not set the text in the DVL.

Hi @muneer, for some reason, when I remove “set HexDVL’s HexDVLCountryLabel” block, the Search stops working. So I put it back.

I have re-applied the “visible= false/ true” blocks and omitted the “Clear button” idea and it all seems to be working fine now.

Here are my blocks:

A thousand thank you’s, for your assistance.


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