Retrieve/Get data from Firebase

Hi all,

Im trying to learn a bit more about working between thunkable and firebase. Ive managed to work out how to save data to firebase through cloud variable, but im really struggling then pulling that data back in the same way get value pulls it from a data source. Could anyone help me?


It’s generally the exact same method for both (a cloud variable with the path in the format key/subkey/subkey…) but it does depend on your data structure. If you are using arrays (lists), it can be a little trickier to access the values.

What does your Firebase structure look like? And what path (cloud variable name) are you using to save the data?

These are probably horribly wrong. I just want to have one user create a group and then the second user access that group. Then, certain information will be stored and pulled from here so that players work through the quiz at the same speed.

So ive managed to retrieve some data with your help, thats now making a little more sense. Now i just need to figure out how not to over write all data when users log in and set up groul. I just want them to create a new path

You would be setting cloud variable “Game ID/Game ID/[key name]” to a value whenever you want to add data to the group at that key. Creating an object is fine for the first time you create those values but after that, you need to pinpoint specific key property names to set values at those points in your data structure.

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