Restaurant Swipe App

My first app! It’s only published to Apple at the moment. Check it out and give me pointers.

How it works?
Can’t decide where to eat? Want to try something new to eat? Swipe to see restaurants near you. Swipe right to keep a restaurant and swipe left to discard it. You only get ONE heart per session. Make sure to use it so it gets bumped up when the results are picked.

If you want to fine tune your search, because a certain cuisine just sounds good, change the settings. Settings share when a code is shared!

Why I made it?
My wife asked where I wanted to eat, but we couldn’t ever agree. She actually came up with the idea and said we need swipe if you like a restaurant and let the program pick for you. I made it and found it was a fun way to see restaurants you didn’t even know were around you. It especially works great in larger cities, because there is a large variety of restaurants that most people don’t even know about.

I added the settings page to fine tune a place to eat. The neat thing about that is the settings share when you share a code. So you and friends are picking the same type of restaurants.

Swipe and enjoy!

Link to the app on Apple App Store:


Looks great! Thanks for sharing! @22rdhallqp