[Resolved] Issues while using addIconMarker and addPolyline Map Blocks - April 2022

thanks thunkable team, you deserve some applause :clap::clap::clap:

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I’m having problems yet… :frowning:

Please check the project I shared with you, if you need more info on how to reproduce the error, let me know.

I will need more info, when I tested this specific threads issue last week it was working well.

Is this related to adding a marker or poly line?

Hi @jared
I have tested the group feature and can confirm that it works as expected.
Thank you for resolving this issue. I used to place two group components on top of each other just to avoid the transparency issue when it is clicked.

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I use both blocks in my project…
I haven’t tested which of the two is causing the error or if both are having problems.
But I’ll change the project deleting these blocks to try discover and let you know later!

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Please try this project and let me know if it works for you

I just tested all three in the image below. Draw polygon, polyLines, and map markers

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Yes, it works in your DnD project.

But, please note, my project is made with the StP interface.

And by the way, after some tests, I discover the problem of my project is on the addPolyline block, if I remove it, the screen load with no errors. Below the blocks that are causing error:

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