[Resolved] Issues while using addIconMarker and addPolyline Map Blocks - April 2022

I faced similar problem in my project, I think is related to “On Map ready” advent…

What I did:

  1. Create a “On Map Ready” block, and put this Add Marker block inside.

  2. Initialize app variables and set the cloud variables to them before the Add Marker block.

  3. Make the map VISIBLE True only after the On Map Ready happens.

  4. Any time I need to change the Markers, I created a Realtime DB Listener block so, I delete and ADD the Markers according the changes.

Try it and please give us a feedback.


Paulo Vaz.

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No, this did not fix the issue. It still crashes.

Are you using an API key for the map?
I’m using the map without API key.

Any other ideas on what’s wrong?

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It is very possible that this error is connected with the recent update. Others are facing the same bug.

We need to wait for @jared @jared to confirm and fix it.

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I’ve escalated this as a bug. i’ll let you all know when I have more details!

we should begin working on this next week monday/tuesday. I can’t give a timeline to final fix until we know more details.


Thank you so much!

Since yesterday, the addMarker Operation causes a app crash (live testing). All my apps using the addMarker operation do not work any more. I am totally confused. Even a micky mouse app does not work any more.

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Welcome to Thunkable.

Please see this

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Thank you very much. However, I do not use the operation “addIconMarker”, I use “addMarker”. In another micky mouse application addIconMarker is also causing a crash…

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At the moment, all Map functions cause crash so the two issues are technically the same.

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me too I found the same problem on my App.
Until same days ago it working normally and now every time I click on the map appear the error message "something has gone wrong, but I nothing changed on the APP.
Here my blocks…

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Can either of you share your project link? It’s easiest to troubleshoot location apps by testing them on a mobile device but to do that, I’d have to rebuild all of those blocks.

Have you tried removing blocks to see when the error message goes away? That’s always a debugging strategy I use to narrow down where the problem is occurring.

@owenlmckl9 If that’s your actual location, it might be best to hide the lat/long values in your screenshot.

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I have been removing and replacing blocks and I’ve narrowed it down to the add marker and polyline block creating the error message.
And don’t worry that location is just a MacDonald’s.
Is there a way of sending you the project link privately not to comfortable sharing on a forum.


I know this is an old post but I have ran into the same issue, im not sure if its because of me or not but I had the map working in an old build that I have not change, I tried to rebuild it a few days ago and got the “Something has gone wrong. Check your blocks and reset this page.” Dialog.
Here are my blocks:

It is meant to draw a line from the users location to the marker.

I am using an Samsung Galaxy S10e to test that is up to date with its software

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Yes, you can send me the project link in a private message. Just click my username above the post and click Message.

here is the link to the project, Thunkable. It wouldnt let me send it to you in a message

The weird thing is that if I run the call Location_Sensor1’s GetCurrentLocation in the onMapReady block, it works fine. But if the exact same set of blocks are in the Create poly function it crashes at the end of running the function contents.

These blocks produce “A”… “B”… “C”… [crash]. It never gets to “D”:


My app uses a map wit polylines, markers and on user change location components/events.

I see yesterday that the drawing of the polylines stops to work. No crashes, but not working anymore.


The changes done in Thunkable last week made catastrofic effects in my apps.

Hope the staff fixes this soon!

the crash happen with the block “add marker”. If I remove this block, no one crash. But I need it for my App.

Please, help us. Thank you!

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