Remove ad banners for 1 hour

Hi everyone!

I want to make the function disable advertising banners for 1 hour after watching the reward video.
I add this functionality to the “RewardUser” block, but after it finishes watching the video, it does not work, respectively, the display of banners continues.
How can you determine that the video ad was viewed to the end?


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Does anyone have experience successfully using Admob Reward Video Ads?
Please show working blocks.

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Hi there,

Would you mind sharing your blocks? You can PM me if it’s a private app.
I’ve tried making something here that works using stored variables. For convenience’s sake the thing that triggers a video ad being shown is the button ‘Watch Ad’.
The variable ‘lengthOfRTInSeconds’ is the length of time you want this reward to last. An hour would be 360 seconds, I’ve set it to 20 here for testing.
Give it a look and see what you think!

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Yes, of course, here is a link to my test project

I did everything about the same, “app time” - the absolute time to turn on the banner
After watching the video, 3600 seconds are added to the current time.
The timer checks every 5 minutes “is it time to turn on the banner?”

In theory, everything is fine, but in reality I could not get a response from RewardUser. Regardless of whether the video was interrupted or viewed to the end, work only AdClose.

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Hi there,

I think it would be easier for you to work with stored variables than to make these calls to the Local Storage component. Even the docs for Local Storage say so! Feel free to ask anything about using stored variables here or in a private message. Again, you’re completely welcome to use my app as a reference.

You should also notice that calling the value ‘seconds since 1970’ measures the time in seconds. The value of [seconds since 1970 plus 1 hour] is [seconds since 1970 + 3600]. You have the value [seconds since 1970 plus 216000]. 216,000 seconds is 60 hours!

However, while you’re testing your app you probably only want to set this to about 20 or 30 seconds anyway.

Here is the same test project back except now it’s working with the stored variable end_time instead of the app variable time and a Local Storage component. I’ve also added in two nice big Labels called End (displays end_time) and Now (displays seconds since 1970) so you can see how it works.
In this app, the timer fires every 1 second and the reward time is 20 seconds long.

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Thank you, Jane!
Unfortunately, I can’t check it out, Test ID doesn’t work
Do you see test Rewarded Video Ads?

Hey @STX-121 when I click on the link it creates a copy of the app for me without any issues.

If you are seeing any error messages or error codes can you please share them here?


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Hi, Domhnall!
When using a real identifier, the video appears normal, but the functionality cannot be tested with it - it violates Google’s rules
If I use Google’s test id ca-app-pub-3940256099942544/5224354917, The application does not load the video, I get this error:

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Are you installing this app on your iPhone?

Have you submitted it to Thunkable for AdMob approval?

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I created a new ADMOB account, I accepted you invitation to manage this account for 5% of the revenue, Thunkable approved my application.
Then I put the application in appstore, my testers successfully tested it in the TestFlight, all this time, my ads worked fine, now all the ads from the managed account of Thunkable do not work
Does it have something to do with manage Thunkable?

Prior to transferring account management, when my ads were still running, the test Google ID for Reward Video was no longer displayed. (That is why I created this topic)

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So, if I understand correctly, originally the Google rewarded video test ad did not work in your app, but your ads did.

Then you set up a new account and the test ad works but your new account does not.

Is that correct?

Can you check your email to see what date you set up this new account on?

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No not like this )))
Unfortunately i do not speak English, i use machine translation…

All in order:

I already have an AdMob account that is monetizing some Android-apps not build on Thunkable.
I want to transfer my applications to IOS, I chose Thunkable as the development environment, I paid for the PRO-account and built the application
When I first tried to publish the application in AppStore, I received a letter of content from you:

We received your requests to download or publish your app with AdMob. Before we can review your app, we need you to first accept an invitation from AdMob. This acceptance gives Thunkable the permission to charge a 5% maintenance fee for all revenue earned via AdMob across all apps in your account that are associated with your publisher ID. We may increase this revenue share to 10% for future creators.

If you have other apps in your account, we recommend that you do NOT accept this invitation and instead create a new account for just your Thunkable app. When you have a new publisher ID, you can resubmit your app here.

You will only have to accept this invitation once.

Google’s support informed me that the second account is in direct violation of AdMob’s rules, so I registered a new account in the name of an outsider, 02/05/2019 i created this account.

I created 2 ads: Banner and Video Reward

  • Banners work with both real and test IDs.
  • Reward Video works with a real ID, and with a test ID it gives this error:

I hided the ability to call Reward Video and sent the application to Thunkable for verification
After 2 days I received an answer saying that I need to take control of my AdMob account
In the AdMob console, I accepted your invitation and resubmitted the application to you for review, waited 2 days, there was no response
I sent the application for verification for the third time, on day 2, the application was approved and uploaded it to TestFlight AppStore (07/05/2019), after successful verification, application was published in AppStore

All this time I am trying to understand why the test IDs Video Reward is not working …

Today, a new problem has arisen: banners have ceased to appear in my application. In the Admob console everything is fine, no locks and restrictions.

To be honest, I already regretted that he started this venture…

I don’t fully understand why you would hide this from us. What was your motivation for doing this?

This might just be due to you AdMob account being new, did you work through our troubleshooting tips?

App development is a complex and time consuming process. At Thunkable, we’re working hard to make this process easier, faster and more accessible than ever but it still requires patience and perseverance:


You understand me wrong again

I don’t fully understand why you would hide this from us. What was your motivation for doing this?

I hid the Reward Video call button from users of my application, because these ads do not work (1, 4, 6 and 8 post of this topic)

This might just be due to you AdMob account being new, did you work through our troubleshooting tips?

With the tips worked. Before publishing the application in AppStore, I made sure beforehand that they are working. They stopped working already later (I wrote about this earlier)

App development is a complex and time consuming process. At Thunkable, we’re working hard to make this process easier, faster and more accessible than ever but it still requires patience and perseverance:

I understand this perfectly well and I am glad that you are developing this undoubtedly important project.
I have experience with a site like Thunkable. I spent more than 3 years on developing one successful application (this application installed by more than 250.000 users in Google Play)

I created this topic with a single question, to which I really need to get an answer:
Under what conditions will this block work?

After the end of viewing the advertising video, nothing happens. I also need to determine - the user has watched the entire commercial or interrupted the viewing at the beginning.

Thank you!

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I’m not so sure about that…

Perhaps a better subject line would be, “How do I use the RewardUser block?”

Ok, I understand your question now, let me see if I can make an example about this.

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Link to my test project.
Thanks Jane. She built it more gracefull, but unfortunately, turning off the banner after watching the Reward Video still does not work.

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