Refresh data without click button

Hi there,
Here is BlueWhaleYT.I like to use Airtable Spreadsheet.However,is it have a way to reload the data from airtable without click the button?Thanks.


or load?

I set the data called “Hello”
Now I set it to called “Hey”
I don’t want to reopen the app or click the button to reload
That’s mean automatically reload the data.

ok. so when do u first time load the data?
When Screen1 opens? or elsewhere??

when screen open

try this :

Emm…not working

what are u getting?


try this :

I think this should work :+1:

Is this also work for GetColumn?

?? what’s yur idea for column??

I’m not using Get Cell I am using GetColumn

what do u want to do with column?
can u plz specify?

Umm…why can’t I use GetColumn :thinking:
I want to refresh a series of the data instead of only one data.

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Ohhh :sweat_smile:
So, you want to continuously get data, to be updated all the time, right? :smile:

yes(I just delay to send you back

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so everyone have a solution?

If you need to constantly receive data, then AirTable is not suitable for this task. What are you not comfortable with Firebase, the mechanism of which is suitable for solving such a problem? Use the “cloud” variable and the listener for it.

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