Refresh a picture trouble with Google Sheets!

hello everybody and thanks by advance
i’m using the media db library connected with cloudinary. These one allow me to upload a picture from the media library or from the camera component to cloudinary. The media URL returned is stored in a google sheet and this sheet is used as a database for a data list view grid component. So when an image is upoaded to cloudinary and after refreshing the data viewer list, the new image appears in the list. Nevertheless when i use the same new url’s image (stored in the famous datasheet) from another screen than the one which contains the data-wiewer’s list component. it’s the old image that appears. In order to get the new one i have to relaunch my app. I haven’t found any blocs to refresh this image which is used in another screen than the one of datawiewer’s list. I hope that i have been clear.
Thanks again Ben in France

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I believe this is a known issue related to Google Sheets. There have been topics about this recently. Hopefully someone can direct you to those topics.

Edit: see this topic:

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thanf for your responses. I have juste read all the posts and it seems there is no issue. If my English and my understanding is not too bad :slight_smile: