Reading text files from device

Hi there, I know that there was a “file” component in the storage category, but apparently it is gone now!!
So, how can I read text files from the device? in there a new component that can do that? I cant find one.

(Secondary request) Also, if there is a way to browse the files from within the app rather than typing a constant path to the needed file (as it was in the “ReadFrom” block from the previous “file” component), that would be much appreciated.

Thank you and have a nice day.

P.S. I did try to find an answer (for thunkable not app inventor) for this problem with no luck, if there are previous answers I would appreciate the link to them.

Hi @DarSinbad,

Do you consider to use Thunkable X to create your app? In Thunkable X version, you can use .csv format to read the text. Please check this video for further information.


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The file component is still there for me



It is not there for me

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Ah. You’re using Thunkable X. The File components you’re looking for is only available in Thunkable Classic at the moment.

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Thank you Conor for clearing that out :slight_smile:
Ok so I need to use the cross platform version, Joannie said that I can read .csv files.
but I still dont know how to do that. The video she provided is still using the file coomponent.
I there any way to read characters from any type of external files in thunkable x apps?

@DarSinbad or you can just the List to simplely store the string :slight_smile:

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You can see an example of selecting files on iOS on the scrFileViewer screen from the project

This method allows you to see photos, html, txt, etc. That’s only on Android, this method, unfortunately, does not work for some strange reason.

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I appreciate the help, Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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??? But this is the Thunkable X forum…

But using a List does not replace reading/writing files.

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