Read only projects

Hi how to remove read-only from my project?

Hi @Mikas_3D,

Did you recently downgrade from Thunkable Pro to the free plan, or are you trying to remix an app.

yes i downgrade from pro the projects was private

Sorry I still don’t seem to understand you. Is this yes to a private project on a free account?


As you have stated that it’s your project you’re seeing this then I’m assuming it’s to do with downgrading your plan. If your project was private and you are now only on the free plan you can only read the project. If you want to edit it again you will have to upgrade.

Nevermind i figured it out

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Hey @Mikas_3D - do you mind editing your #solved post above to include a little more detail about what the “solution” actually was.

This will be hugely beneficial to future Thunkers who run into the same issue and read your post looking for the answer.


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