Read Data From Spreadsheet As JSON

:wave: Hey everyone,

Today i found a very interesting thing while i was exploring some features of Google Spreadsheet, there is an option given in spreadsheet name “Publish to the web” which allows you to make your content visible to anyone by publishing it to the web. You can link to or embed your document too.
You can use this trick to call data from your spreadsheet to the app using Web_API component.

Okay… so, on your spreadsheet when you got to the File > Publish to the web you’ll see a popup like this…

here is an option to set whether you want to publish complete docs or a particular Sheet to the web. ‘i have seclected Entore Document’

Once you done selecting click publish. Now get the Spreadsheet _ID from the addressbar of your browser and put that in the below url,<Spreadsheet _ID>/od6/public/values?alt=json

The final url be something like this

Make sure to test the url beofre using in app :grinning:
Click here to get a copy of @thunkable project i used for testing for this JSON method… And do leave your comments below. Don’t forget to hit :heart: if you learnt something new today.

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