Random Background colors from Switches

Hi, i have to do a random change of background colors, previous selected by this four switches. I am using two screens. On the first i have the switches and after you click the button, you go to the second screen where the colors have to be changed. How can i do?



check it


Hi @ALEX_ANTONPIO_NOTORE, welcome to the Thunkable community! :wave:

Do you have to use switches? Have you considered using sliders instead??

Is there a way to select single colors?

This can be done. Instead of a random number generation block, use a numeric block with the desired color value.

Color can be set as follows



hsl(200, 100%, 50%)
hsla(200, 100%, 50%, 0.1)
rgba(0,0,0,0) or “transparent”.

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The app now works, thank you