Questions to re make my Android app to iOS

Ok, I made this text to speech app for people with speech impairment some time ago for Android, and a person with cerebral palsy finds it very useful and he asked me if I can make a version for iOS. I never tried this version of Thunkable, mostly because I don’t have an Apple device of my own, but I would like to help this person with his disability.

So these are my questions: (I think I know the answers but I’m double checking just in case)

  1. If I get an iPhone, can I use it without a phone line, just like a little tablet with wifi to live test the app?

  2. Can I send my app to somebody else, just like I do with an apk in Android or I need to have an App Store account?

  3. In my app I use TinyDB. Is the iOS component Local_Storage kind of the same as TinyDB?

  4. Looks like there’s no way to change the pitch and speed on the iOS TextToSpeech component. Is that right?

I know these questions are a little dumb but I’m just checking if it’s possible to do this before I waste time trying to learn this and getting a device unnecessarily.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If an iPhone is already activated, you can use it without a sim card. If it has not been activated with a carrier, you need a SIM card to get started.

  2. I don’t know

  3. Yes. There is a TinyDB component in Thunkable iOS.

  4. I don’t know

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So, with #1, it would be better to use an iPad, and don’t worry about the carrier, right?

2- You can but it won’t be professional and it will be like this:

You can share the link you get to test the app but it will be available only for 24 hours. After that the link will be expired.

He will also have to do the above in order to install it on the device.

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