Question about using the Image Recognizer

hi can some body send me code for image recognizer using thunkable classic
it is urgent so pls give

Hey @eko.devs.apploroceo

Classic was wound down just over a year ago - you can not create new accounts there any more.

Sure thing - here’s an example with error handling and everything:

Hope that helps - what sort of app are you trying to build?

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but i just need code so i can test on mit app inventer or kodular using extensions

He gave you the code. Did you want somebody to hold your hand while you put the blocks together? That service cost a lot extra, but I provide it!

I ALDREADY KNOW THAT MAN.not shouting by mistake.

i wanna know how u code for image recognition in classic even if classic was open today. i need screenshots of code block

pls tell

Have you searched the forums? I’m imagining that I could find examples rather quickly. If you have, please show us some of the results or what you’ve tried.