Push notification to specefic user


This is my first message on this forum and I hope to find help.

I use thunkable X and One signal.
Sending push notifications works well.
Now I would like to be able to send a push notification from the application to a specific user.

I know how to get the user ID for push with the block : “in Push_notification call GetUserId”.

The problem is how to send a specific message to this user?

Thanks for your help.

Hey @regisby :wave: welcome to the community.

We have #thunkable-tutorials on how to do this with the Player ID:

Hope that helps.

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Tanks Jacob for your answeard.
Il’m out for this week but I will try your solution next week and let you know if it’s OK for me.

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Thanks for the update - drop by next week and let us know how it goes for you!

Hi Jacob

I started to try to implement your solution for One signal.

But in you exemple, at the third point I don’t understand how to configure web api :

3 - In order to send Push Notifications on a triggered event we are going to use OneSignals REST API, place a WEB API component into your app and fill in the details as shown below:
URL: https://onesignal.com/api/v1/notifications 121
In the Property Field add “Authorization” and in the value field “Basic” & YOUR_AUTHORISATION_CODE which you can find here 60
Then repeat the Process with “Content-Type” in the property field and “application/json” in the value field. These will be your Headers for the API call.

In your text you say “as shown below”, but there is no image below.

I tried to clicked on the url : https://onesignal.com/api/v1/notifications 121 but it show a 404 one signal error.

SO know I don’t understand what i fill with the different field :

  • URL
  • QueryParameters : property and value ?
  • Body : ?
  • Headers : Property and Value ?

Can you help me ?

I have continu to search how to implement and I think I have understand.
But now, when I want to send a push notification to a user I have a message error :

{“status”:400, ”error”:”There was a problem in the JSON you submitted: unexpected character at line 1, column 3 [parse.c692] in ‘{ “app_id”: “5138xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx8871ce”, “contents”: {“en”: “TEST”}, “headings”: {“en”: “YOUHOU”}, “url”: “”, “include_player_ids”: [“56e4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxc”] }”}

Can you help me ?

I am having a similar issue. The guide is good but very difficult to follow as the writer has assumed the audience has a lot of knowledge.

Who Is jacob?? Do you mean @domhnallohanlon

I got this working finally. See my post here.