Project-Wide (ie Global) Function Defnintions

I hate re-creating helper functions across screens and across projects. I’ve requested a feature to add “Global functions” to Thunkable. All variables are global, so why not functions!

Here is the GitHub request: Project-Wide (ie Global) Function Defnintions · Issue #703 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

Maybe some Thunkers with a little more influence with Thunkable could promote this. I’m just a chronic complainer :wink:


I’m :100: with you. This is an essential component. Functions should be global to the project and not to the screen.

I was thinking of writing a request to have library files as part of project assets so that we can always include general functions to any project we need instead of recreating them again and again.

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@actech has shown how to do this in his demo project. doesnt look easy, but doable. This would be a nice inbuilt feature

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This looks like the link to the demonstration.

Although it is a very clever solution, it doesn’t seem to make for easy blocking…or maintenance.

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