Problem with simple subtraction count. (software glitch?) NEED HELP

I may be overlooking something real simple here but cant seem to figure this out. I have also tried converting to 2 decimal places as a solution which resulted in a white screen.

It is a simple function of subtracting one number from another.
Top box setup will not subtract at all when it should be, bottom will only subtract until under 49xxx. ???

Will function as supposed to if there are no IF statements.
Have cleared cache, hard reset, tried on multiples devices and pcs and even uninstalled and reinstalled my browser and also tried a different browser.

Your code is working perfectly fine, its just a issue with the software. Try hard refreshing the browser or clear your cache to see if there is any update that can fix the problem.

Still not working for me. Have tried on multiple devices and also tried making new app. :frowning