Problem with function and parameters

This very simple example (out of a greater problem) does not work:


I still have no solution and no idea why it does not work.
Could someone test something like this?

The problem:
There is a function to output the value of the parameter (x for a text-type parameter and y for a number-type parameter) The value of the parameter simply should be displayed in a label.
The result: When clicking on one of the buttons there is a blank screen and the app hangs!

The same bug, when using a InputText field instead of a label.

I urgently need a solution for bigger app…

Thank You all!

I have tried to use functions with input parameter in thunkable iOS , too.

I had no success, an therefore I do not use the input parameter option at all. In the end I decided to declare a global variable and right before calling the function, I set this global variable to the value I want.
I hope I explained it clearly enough :thinking::upside_down_face:

I suggest this workaround for you until this is fixed.


Thank you.
But this is only a workaround.
I think it is important for the thunkable team, to know that there is a bug.
Functions with usable parameters are for many problems very important.

Please: Repair that bug.


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Hi rollke,
I think this Burg was fixed in the Recent Update. Can you confirm that and close this Thread?

Function with parameters work now.
Thank You Tunkable team.