Problem saving in local storage

So I need to lauch a certain screen while landing on the main screen depending on which screen the user is coming from. (Play again button basically). So I used this system which in my head was supposed to work perfectly but it appears it doesn’t, can somebody help me please ?
Thanks in advance


Block “navigate to Home” is located after the asynchronously working block “Result.callGet”, but it needs to be located inside this block.

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But this part is working fine the button leads to the home page the problem is in savong the values

I changed it anyway but still not working.
The problem isn’t in the local storage because I use the same system for my score and it works. The problem is in the 2nd screenshot there is something I did wrong but I can’t figure out what it is.
Thanks for helping.

Ok so I found the issue I put 2times the same thing so I fixed it and it works, but now when i open the screen it directly lauches without loading the screen

Ok so I solved it myself, I’m going to post the solution for those in need.

I was calling the countdown whenever the screen loaded but didn’t take in consideration that if the user didn’t want to play again i’d need to put a “if” condition so I basically just changed the first block to this and it worked. Enjoy :slight_smile: