Problem opening project

hello thunkable team. I have a problem opening my project. when i open it it just goes white. the problem is only with this project because the rest opens normally.

Hey @Fernando_Matos

Is the issue happening in the web builder, on the companion app, or when you actually download the app and test a build on your phone

Hi @jared the problem is when opening the web builder.

Can you try remixing your project as a test? Can you then open the remix without issue?

does not work. I also have two copies of this project and it doesn’t work either. when I open the projects the page is white.

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Definitely sounds broken. Have you contacted creator success via the chat icon or email?

do not. I was hoping that someone from the team would answer me this way

Sorry about this issue. For problems like this, emailing would be best. Have you done so? If not, I can make the team aware of these issues. I would need a link to your project. If you feel comfortable sharing it here, you can do so. Otherwise, you can dm me a link.

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