Preloading Web Viewer please help

Good day ! There is such a question that I have been puzzling over for a long time. There is a screen1 on which there are 3 buttons (with a choice of languages). When I press any of the buttons, it throws me to the screen on which everything is already translated into the selected language. (in other words, a ready-made screen with a translated interface in the selected language is attached to each button with a language). After clicking on any button, a screen with a translated interface opens on which the Web Viewer is located. The task is such that when opening
screen 1, even before pressing the language selection buttons, the Web Viewer was preloaded on the page of the selected language. So that after pressing the button, the screen opens immediately with the already loaded Web Viewer.

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Is this something you want help creating or something you’ve already made?

Do you have a project link or example to share?

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That’s what I’m helping to do. There is no link to the project. Just maybe there are some ideas about it.

What is your question?

How to make sure that when you open the page there is a loading icon that makes it poor to show the download until the user loads the page of the site.

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At design, keep the loading icon visible. In your code (example, screen opens) you should watch some trigger or event to hide the loading icon.

So I did this. But I need to have a command to check the loading of the site instead of 2 secondsCapture4

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If the Web Viewer is running your own HTML then you can use the window.onload() event to send a message from the Web Viewer to your app.