Pre-thunked components?

Hi community!
pre-thunked components?

I am still comparing Adalo and Thunkable. here is where I am at:
Adalo: ready-made components and great cloneable UI designs BUT there is a lot of missing features, does not have big investors (future-proof business, bigger team, fairly new team)
Thunkable: Better in every way except good looking cloneable UI designs. You can check out The 19 Best Thunkable Apps of 2019

but then again figma import is a game-changer and my solution to that is I’ll create my own ready-made components OR find the top 10 apps and copy their components.

A few more questions:

  1. when will thunkable release top apps of 2020?
  2. could you please link me to the best apps I copy components? ideally business apps, not games?


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