POST Request with Facial Recognition API

I want to add Emotion Recognition in my App.
I am liking the Face++ API @ Face++ Docs
They have given Curl sample code.
How should I do this in Thunkable :


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I want o use A Web API, known as Face++ Face/Emotion Recognition Services.

They have given query parameters, given as follows.

My Friend suggested this Code : (Sorry, it’s from Kodular…Please do not mind)

I have formatted the query, according to my preferences…
Now, they ask to do a POST Request. The above code works fine. I set the web1 URL to their URL provided, and did a POST Request with my formatted Query.

The Sample .json, which comes is :

The green shows what I want… What should I do for thi as well?

Thanks! (it’s a big question :sweat_smile:)

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Hi there,

Are you asking about how to post something with the Web API component or how to get the properties you want from the response?

You can Post using the Web API ‘Post’ block.

The community has plenty of tutorials on getting the information on getting the data you want from a response, like this one.

Do either of those resources help?

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I have got in touch with the POST Block…
As the API Query in my code, I want to POST Text to the Website.
This is my Specific Question…

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I’m just going to send you a message asking for some details about this project, is that ok?

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