Possible way to backup a local database without the cloud

You have all been so kind with helping me with my project that I wanted to share something that I think is pretty cool with you! I wanted my app to have all local data and not need the cloud. The local database is working fine for this (with a lot of help from all of you so thank you) but the issue I was still dealing with is that once the app is upgraded the existing data gets lost. The method I’m going to show you might now work for a large amount of data, but for simple projects it should be just fine. What I do is export all the data as JSON to a text box and then send that data off in an email. Now the user has a complete backup of their data and they can do this anytime they want. When an upgrade happens, all they have to do is paste this data into the same text box and click restore which now adds the data to the existing database. Back to where they left off :wink:


Nice trick. Thanks for sharing.


This is actually very similar in the early days of video game development. As there was no cloud back then, the developers had to get creative, and made short save codes that could be put into the game when the user came back, and the game would pick up where they left off.