Possible to select multiple Photos from devic gallery?

I am creating an app which allows admins to share photos to their group, and they could be sharing up to 300 photos at a time. Of course for testing I’d like to be able to upload even 25 at a time. this is definitely reasonable.

so is something like that possible? or must the user select them 1 by 1 by calling photo gallery.



It will depend on how and in what form the photos are stored. If these are links in AirTable, then you can send at least 1000 links at the same time.

But I need a photo picker as such. So you click select, then tap on all the photos in your gallery that you want uploaded, then click upload. And it hopefully would create separate links for each photo then make them into a list.

Photos where are stored and how are links to it?

Can I upload photos from phone gallery to web api. Example of web api would be Cloudinary.

I suggest you answer this question yourself, having tried to do it, because I myself did not try to do it. :wink:

Will I be able to ride a bike 200 km per day? I could not answer this question until I tried to do it.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Unlike a doctor, a programmer can sometimes make mistakes. :sunglasses:


hi, i have the same problem…were you able to solve it ? and could anyone tell me as to how pictures can be sent from cloudinary to airtable !!!