Pop up on a data viewer

Hello Thunkable Community!

I am trying to re create the dots that most apps have when you click on them it opens a menu of actions. However the catch is I want to be able to do it on a data viewer. At this point its not what pops up (I can customize later) but just that I can do that.

Something like this:

Then when you click it, it does something like this

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What UI platform are you currently using?
StP or DnD?

It is possible in both but the way to do it is different in each UI.

Can you explain what you mean by this? Do you want the 3 dots menu to appear next to each item in the Data Viewer List (DVL)?

Im using the DnD, but right now you can only use SnP for Data viewers

It want it to be apart of the Data viewer, so thay when i click on the dots, it opens a menu of some kind where more actions can take place.