Pop Them All! [Android game]


This is a game I started working on around 3 years ago.
After some months I had abandoned the development of the game, but recently I got back into it, finished it and published it to the Play Store!

It is a colorful and easy going game, where you have to pop some balloons based on colors.

Here you can see some screenshots:

You can find it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bombolo_app.Pop_Them_All

Any comment is appreciated!


how was the leaderboard made

is the data of the high scores saved in firebase database and then displayed?

The leaderboard stores and retrieves data using a TinyWebDB database component. Before, it was connected to a custom TinyWebDB service on Google App Engine like it is explained here: Custom TinyWebDB Service

Lately, as Google App Engine is now requiring a credit card to function even in free tier, I moved the custom service to another host and now it uses TinyWebDB-PHP (google it to find it) to manage the data read/write operations.

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Great :slight_smile:

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