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After launches in 2016, 2018 and 2020, I guess it’s time for our now-biennial Product Hunt update! :joy:

At Thunkable, it’s our mission to help anyone build their own no code mobile app. As part of this mission, we’re constantly trying to improve the user experience for new and seasoned users alike.

Today, we’re officially announcing that Figma designs can be imported into Thunkable projects. We want to show how this unlocks a whole host of new options for you as app developers and how this can improve your overall user experience.

The launch is taking place over on Product Hunt, so please stop by and upvote this exciting new integration.

Static to Dynamic

When you import a file from Figma, you can convert static placeholders into rich, dynamic, native mobile components such as a map, a video or a PDF reader:

Create Themes for Your Apps

By leveraging styles in Figma, you can now create simple themes for your Thunkable apps. Choose whatever fonts or colors you like and re-sync with your Thunkable project. If you’re working with a client, this makes design updates unbelievably fast, and project management becomes easier than ever.

No Code Navigation

Simply drag and drop all your screens into a navigator and you have an interactive, navigable prototype that you can show to customers or colleagues.

Please Support Us!

To help get the word out to as many people as possible, please vote and leave a comment on our Product Hunt listing today:

H/T to @arun @wei @tingc @amy_th @mikethunker and all the team who have been involved making this and thanks to our @Power_Thunkers and the wider community for helping us to continually improve our platform with their invaluable feedback




Thanks and keep the good job!


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