Please Help me! About paragraph

I have a 10,000-word paragraph.
Now I want to make only one screen that can read 100 words, but can move on to the next 100 words with the “Next” button.
Thank you so much, everybody!

I could help.

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Hi @xlapxdeqld :wave: welcome to the community!

I’ve made a simple example app here that allows you to read a fable 10 words at a time - is this the type of thing that you’re looking for?


Thank you very much
Can you suggest me a block?

Thank you very much
I have not been able to see the link you sent.

I will send you the photo of the blocks needed.

@jaythemanchs there’s no need to create a post saying that you will post a screenshot. Instead, please just post the screenshot.


I haven’t finished it yet

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@xlapxdeqld I’ve just updated the project now so you should be able to see it:


Thank you very much!
It’s great