Plans for Admob Alternative?

Just wondering if there is plan for alternative Ad network to Admob?


You could do your own ads? Reach out to local businesses. Make a Firebase value for each ad, and you can set its images, click to link etc


I was thinking of doing this as I plan to target a very specific nietch of users. How would one store those values? Just as a link address and call it in a webview?

have buttons all around the app where you want ads. you need cloud variables for the following:

button visibility
button background picture
button when clicked, open link value

and if you want to get all complex, you could have values for height and width.

one of these. for every add on the app. could be 20, then with 3 different options, you need 60 cloud variables. unless all the ads look and will show the same, then only 3 :slight_smile:

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